About Us

Mudio Games is a mobile gaming company based in Istanbul. We were founded under the partnership of MEDYAPIM, Turkey's leading creator and exporter of TV/Film content, G├╝zel Sanatlar, one of Turkey's leading marketing agencies.

Our goal as a team is to utilize the ever-developing nature of technology and , through our undivided sense of passion, provide you all with sustainable and enjoyable content through our ingenuity and determination.

Our Games


EvoX: Become a Warrior

EvoX is a free-to-play ARPG game in which you aim to destroy hordes of enemies as you play through hundreds of unique levels and worlds!


Merge Monsters: Tower Defense

Merge Monsters a free-to-play Tower Defense game in which you merge your unique monsters as you fight against the hordes of Slime!


Neon Ninja: Slash of Shadows

Neon Ninja a free-to-play hack-and-slash game in which you use Time Shift abilities to sweep through your enemies and avoid their attacks!

Together, we will create high-quality mobile games that will be played for years. 

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